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Our Services for Your
Business Development

Unique and modern UX/UI design
Development of selling landing pages
Implementation of catalogs, components and widgets
Multi-page website
Information accumulation and analytics
Unique UX/UI interface design
Product testing
App promotion
Guarantee of work
Unique and modern UX/UI design
Implementation of online payment systems
Shopping cart
Compilation of commodity items’ catalog
Unique and modern UX/UI design
Promotional text writing
Development of a selling structure and infographics
Implementation of contact forms, widgets and feedback systems
Unique and modern UX/UI design
Non-standard layout elements
Memorable design
Detailed elaboration on associations and accents
Business cards 
Landing Page
Unique and modern UX/UI design
Promotional text writing
Sales structure and infographics development
Implementation of contact forms, widgets and feedback systems
<pre>Promotion<br></pre> <img src ="https://lifebeget.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Group-5696.svg">
Compilation of the semantic core
Website technical audit
Writing unique texts
Registration in Google and Yandex services
We are always open for dialogue, so we are waiting for your applications to calculate the individual cost of the development and creation of the website.

Turnkey website production

You will receive a complete website at no additional cost, all details will be worked out and implemented.

Experienced specialists

We have accumulated extensive experience in various business areas. We can promote any topic from scratch.

Websites ready for SEO promotion

You will get powerful functionality to drive traffic from search engines, that is not found in other CMS

Technical support and development

After the website creation completion, we offer technical support and project development. We work with the end result in mind!

Our services for the development
of your business

We design interfaces, create a design of mobile applications, websites, conduct test sales and UX - tests with real users. We give out brandbooks and logobooks
We create applications taking into account scalability: it will withstand any load. We carry out completely manual and automation testing and display the product until production release
We develop mobile applications tailored for IOS and Android, or a cross-platform application that will work on both platforms
We will fully take over the sales of your business, set up SEO, launch an SMM strategy, solve issues with audit and advertising. Our PR specialists will move you to the top

Our Works


Many factors can influence the value. In different companies, the rates of their specialists differ, as well as their professional levels and approach to solving problems. When you apply, you may not have a detailed description of the project or the terms of reference, and the price is formed from the general understanding of the task by the contractor. The experience and accumulated expertise, that will be used in the implementation of the project also affect the price. Low cost is often dumping and an attempt to stimulate a positive decision of the client with the low prices. But this, as a rule, has a negative impact on the project's final results.
We provide a guarantee for our work, and after its expiration, we can conclude a contract with you for technical support. It will include a certain number of hours per month at the established subscription fee (here we will discuss everything individually). Within these hours, you can maintain the relevance and stability of the application or carry out improvements to the functionality.
We take projects for rework. Before getting acquainted with the source code of the project we sign an NDA. Next, we review applications and give recommendations for their improvement. The format of work can be either Time & Materials (payment for the actual time spent on tasks) or Retainer (the cost of hiring a team or individual specialists per month) or FixPrice (the fixed cost of the entire project).
Native applications initially are written for a specific operating system: iOS or Android. In this case, the original languages and mobile OS development tools are used. Cross-platform applications are written for both Android and iOS at once. This way, the source code of the product is translated into native and becomes understandable to a specific device, as a result, the program will be able to interact with the OS installed on it. There are several different frameworks for this: React Native, Xamarin and others, or the most popular Flutter right now. And you can read more in our article “Technologies for creating mobile applications".
If you have not seen a project similar to yours in our portfolio, we might have not been approached with a similar idea yet, or we cannot publish the case on our website due to privacy restrictions. However, there are a lot of unique applications on the market, and they usually have standard functionality: authorization, subscriptions, catalog, personal account, navigation, payment systems, etc. Surely the elements you need have already been implemented by our studio in other projects. We will discuss your ideas in detail with you and offer implementation options based on the accumulated product expertise.
Yes, we provide information in the contract that the customer receives all the rights to his product, but on our end, on the contrary, they are revoked.
For us to be able to give you the most accurate estimate, the terms of reference would be ideal. But it is rarely ready at the start, so in your request, please tell us the main essence of the application, which platforms the development will be required for, which functions are most important and which can be removed, whether the application will be monetized and what alternatives do you know on the market. It will also be very helpful if you could send us a link to a similar product, and describe which of its functions are not required and which, in turn, are missing. As a rule, additional questions arise during the evaluation phase, so we will ask you for an online or offline meeting.
Please, pay attention that when launched in a few weeks, we are talking only about MVP - the minimum viable product with the minimum necessary functionality that is of value to the user. This is a good option for testing an idea and seeing if you actually need a mobile service. From the point of view of technical implementation, this will be the adaptation of template solutions or the development of a prototype. To launch a workable product from zero, a period of 2-3 months looks much more realistic. In this article, we have described in detail all the conditions for maximum timing optimization.